The Team Support Program collaborates with Ignite to support all Saudi Esport teams, contributing to the development of esports sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To achieve the goal of being the world’s leading esports and game.

Saudi Esports Federation


- The Esports Clubs Support program aim to develop all levels of esports clubs starting with the start up level and moving up to professional esports clubs that can achieve global excellence

- Sustainability of the development of the esports and games community and industry in Saudi Arabia

- Esports clubs in Saudi Arabia consistently place among the highest-ranking teams in the world's most competitive esports tournaments

Support Paths

Kick off fund

The path of the Kick Off Fund aims to support and empower the newly Saudi esports clubs so they can rise and compete with the major ones

Performance Fund

Performance Fund (SEL) path aims to enable Saudi esports clubs to participate and compete in the Saudi Federation of esports Championships

International participation

The aim of the international participation team is to enable Saudi esports clubs to participate in esports tournaments around the world. as well as to achieve the goal of the Saudi ESports Federation, that Saudi clubs become the focus of the world's attention

Maturity Fund

The Maturity Fund path aims to enable the professionalism of Saudi esports clubs by establishing headquarters and providing professional ways for their players. as well as participating professionally in esports tournaments around the world.

Creators # Campaign

The Creators Square campaign is one of the projects of the Clubs Support Program, and it is a competition that aims to increase the skill of e-sports clubs in advertising campaigns in order to enable them in their own campaigns in the future and make them able to reach their audience.

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