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Tokyo, Japan, November 28th, 2022: The Saudi Esports Federation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. As part of the signing ceremony, His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, Chairman of the Saudi Esports Federation, and Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yasuo Miyakawa were there. This aims to further develop the Middle East gaming and esports industry.

As stipulated in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Saudi Esports Federation and Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., both parties will discuss opportunities to cooperate to promote esports tournaments for Bandai Namco games in Saudi Arabia.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. is a global entertainment leader that publishes and distributes video games and entertainment products worldwide. Aiming for an entertainment business not only centered on video games, they have grown from a single company that focused primarily on video games into a large-scale business that covers all aspects of entertainment.

During the signing ceremony His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan stated: "We at the Saudi Esports Federation are excited to collaborate with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. in order to expand and utilize more opportunities within the esports sector in Saudi Arabia."

According to the Saudi Esports Federation, this is a proactive step that will positively impact the future growth of esports. A new chapter will also be opened for the gaming and esports industries in Saudi Arabia, along with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., marking an important milestone for the kingdom's esports industry.

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Saudi Arabia’s Esports Team to Break Records in Bali 2022
Saudi Arabia’s Esports Team to Break Records in Bali 2022

Bali, Indonesia, December 3rd, 2022: The Saudi Arabian esports team is participating in the World Esports Championship 2022 in Bali, Indonesia, with a prize pool of $100,000 up for grabs. Among the games they will be playing are eFootball, PUBG, and Tekken 7.

Among the Saudi players participating are Amjad Alqarni, who will play eFootball 2023, while Abdulrahman Alfahhad, Mohammed Aljuaithin, Khalid Alabdulaziz, and Abdulrahman Alarawi will compete in PUBG Mobile, while Meshari Alaqeel, a Saudi player, will compete in Tekken 7.

The IESF World Esports Championship is organized by the International Esports Federation, also known as “IESF”. The IESF championship is considered as the ultimate test for Esports athletes as people from different countries join for a chance to win the prize at the end. In addition to representing their countries, these players will also be representing their games.

Participating teams will undergo heated matches to win it all. IESF offers esports athletes the best condition to perform their absolute best during the championship. Several countries are participating in this championship, and they are: Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Pan America, along with European countries. Moreover, several countries are taking a part in this championship, 36 countries participating in CSGO, 4 countries participating in the female team for CSGO. Also, 29 countries will participate in the gam Dota 2.

During the Saudi team's participation in the IESF World Championship, a new chapter is unfolding. It will open the door to many other opportunities for Saudis to compete in more prestigious events and championships, such as the IESF Championship, through this participation.

IESF World Championship is one of the major esports events that the Saudi Esports Federation targets for Saudi teams participation, as well as providing opportunities for professional esports athletes to participate. Taking part in this championship provides the Saudi team with an excellent opportunity to develop and nurture their skills. The championship will provide them with an exciting opportunity to showcase their skills to the other participants, as well as to the rest of the world.

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Saudi National Bank partners with Mastercard and Saudi Esports Federation to transform esports in the Kingdom
Saudi National Bank partners with Mastercard and Saudi Esports Federation to transform esports in the Kingdom

Riyadh, KSA – January 22, 2023: Saudi National Bank announced a strategic partnership agreement with Mastercard and the Saudi Esports Federation (SEF) during the SEF Awards to accelerate Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation and enhance its gaming and esports infrastructure. The collaboration will build on Mastercard’s ongoing relationship with SEF to promote the Kingdom’s billion-dollar gaming industry.

Together, the three entities will explore and develop innovative financial products and offerings that create added value and enhance gamers’ experience.

In line with Mastercard’s commitment to creating priceless moments for consumers to enjoy, the agreement will leverage the resources, expertise, and networks of all three partners to cater to Saudi Arabia’s youth and gaming community.

On this occasion, Saud Abdulaziz Bajbair, Head of Retail Business Group at SNB, said: ”This partnership confirms the importance of the private sector’s role in supporting the overall development movement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under Vision 2030. This agreement is an important step in the dissemination of new digital technologies that will contribute to making the Kingdom a leading hub for gaming and e-sports.”

The collaboration draws on the importance of Saudi Arabia’s e-gaming industry and its rapid growth. It intends to strengthen the presence of e-gaming and capitalize on its potential and capabilities by fostering innovation to drive further advancements in this sector. This step also underscores SNB’s interest in the development of the e-gaming community and sector in Saudi Arabia by contributing to the creation of an e-gaming industry that is gaining traction among a significant segment of Saudi society.

“We understand just how impactful gaming is and can be. By partnering with Mastercard and SNB, we aim to bring the Kingdom’s gaming potential to bear, enhancing the country’s gaming landscape and spurring even greater innovation. This will benefit so many — for generations to come — setting the Kingdom apart as an attractive investment destination while delivering innovative gaming experiences,” said Ahmed Al Bishri, Chief Operations Officer Saudi Esports Federation.

“We are delighted to collaborate with SNB and SEF – two like-minded organizations driven by a shared commitment towards accelerating digital transformation, realizing Saudi Arabia’s tech potential, and achieving its Vision 2030. The historic agreement is well on its way to help showcase the new technologies that are playing important roles in transforming the Kingdom into a leading hub for gaming and esports, and – more broadly – for business, tourism, leisure, and innovation. Together, we seek to build on the efforts of the Saudi leadership to enhance the local gaming industry, bolstering it to deliver truly immersive and memorable experiences for gamers across the Kingdom and bridging these experiences across physical and digital realities,” said Mete Güney, Executive Vice President of Services, EEMEA at Mastercard.

Through this partnership SNB, SEF and Mastercard will create and unlock new experiences powered by Web3 technology that will offer gamers the opportunity to access exclusive benefits and immersive experiences in the physical and digital world.

This new digital community and experience will be an inclusive space for gamers, creators and collectors to design and own the future of Saudi esports. Community members will be able to access virtual creations and use in digital games and immersive experiences.

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