Gamers  Without Borders

Gamers Without Borders

An annual event that is considered as the largest charitable event in the Esports industry. It brings together the best Esports clubs and players to compete with prizes that go up to $10 million. GWB has raised donations worth $30 million in the past three years.

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30+ Games



10M $ Prizes

10M $


3600+ Gamers



No One # Left Behind

The 2020 virtual festival saw more than 460,000 causal gamers from 141 countries participating in community tournaments and tens of millions of viewers from over 125 countries watching eSports’ top teams, and franchises for seven weeks of online gaming that saw $10million donated to multiple global charitable organizations including UNICEF, GAVI, IMC, and Direct Relief fighting on the frontline against the spread of COVID-19.

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