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Voices is A program that comes to support and empower promising talents in the content industry by providing all their needs, such as subscriptions in international libraries for photos and videos and other various programs to facilitate.


Become among the best content creators in Saudi Arabia and in the whole Middle-East region ! The program will help you reach new highs and boost your metrics on your favorite platform !

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Terms & Conditions


The program is open to all Saudi nationals, regardless of your gender, the type of content you create and the digital platform you use, as long as it is relevant to esports !


What are you waiting for?
Join us now to raise your game and reach new highs
Applications close on the 28th of January 2023.


(7,000 - 25,000 followers)

Are you still at an early stage of your content creation career?

There is an important place for you at Voice of Saudi Esports, the Beginner tier is a great place for you to start.

Your advantages

  • Access to the Adobe Creative suite
  • Access to a content library
  • Monthly Allowance to up your game


(26,000- 45,000 followers)

Are you on your way to becoming the real deal ?

Voices of Saudi Esports will help you propel your career, and the Veteran Tier is the place for you to reach new highs.

Your advantages

  • Beginner Tier Advantages
  • Access to a monthly prize scheme
  • Monthly Allowance to up your game


(46,000 - 80,000 followers)

Are you a top shot and want to become the best in Saudi ?

By joining the Boss tier, you can become one of the best gaming content creators in Saudi & the Middle-East.

Your advantages

  • Veteran Tier Advantages
  • Access to an annual prize scheme
  • Monthly Allowance to up your game

By applying to Voices of Saudi Esports, I confirm that I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of the program


frequently asked questions

Do I qualify for the program if I am 16 years old?

To apply to Voices of Saudi Esports, the participant, whether male or female, must be aged 16 years old or more and in his/her full mental capacity to commit to a legal contract.

Will my own images be used in the program?

By applying to Voices of Saudi Esports, the participant authorizes the Saudi Esports Federation, all its entities and its partners, and the media her/his image and name rights. The use of these images may in no way infringe the privacy or reputation of the participant.

As a participant, am I required to meet any obligations?

Once officially selected by the Saudi Esports Federation to become a member of Voices of Saudi Esports, the program member must fulfill a number of requirements during the whole duration of the program. Please see the terms and conditions.

Will I be able to upgrade my tier at any time?

Program participants can be upgraded, demoted, or dismissed from the program based on their performance.

How do I graduate from the program?

A set of monthly objectives will be set for each program member. Program members must do their utmost to achieve their monthly objectives.

In what ways will I be evaluated during the program?

The Saudi Esports Federation will set monthly objectives for each program member. Efforts must be made by the program member to accomplish his/her monthly objectives.

Do I have to be Saudi to apply?

Members of the program must be Saudi citizens.

For how long will the program run?

Voices of Saudi Esports runs until December 2022.