Voices of Saudi Esports is a program created by the Saudi Esports Federation to nurture the talent of content creators and to boost Esports and Gaming journalism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To apply to Voices of Saudi Esports, the participant, whether male or female, must be aged 16 years old or more and in his/her full mental capacity to commit to a legal contract. The applicant must hold a Saudi Arabian citizenship.

By applying to Voices of Saudi Esports, the participant authorizes the Saudi Esports Federation, all its entities and its partners and the media his/her image and name rights. The use of these images may in no way infringe the privacy or reputation of the participant. The Saudi Esports Federation and its partners also have the rights to use the participants work in all shapes or forms.

The participant warrants that he/she is not bound by any exclusive contract relating to the use of their image or services.

As a member of the Voices of Saudi Esports program, the participant vows to not sign any commercial or non-commercial deal with any entity that might represent any kind of competition to the Saudi Esports Federation and its partners.

The participant acknowledges that he/she may not claim any compensation for the use of the rights set out herein. If a third-party image appears in his/her Work, he/she represent and warrant that the person in question has reached the age of maturity and that he/she has obtained said person’s consent to use their image rights.

The participant agrees to never communicate negatively in public on the Saudi Esports Federations or its programs and tournaments and initiatives or its partners (whether commercial or non-commercial).

Once officially selected by the Saudi Esports Federation to become a member of Voices of Saudi Esports, the program member must fulfill the following requirements during the whole duration of the program: