SEF Awards

The Saudi Esports Federation is launching the Second Edition of the SEF Award to honor gaming and Esports sector creators and to encourage the best of the industry's creative minds by pushing boundaries and enabling capabilities.

Advisory Board

The role of the advisory board is to provide the necessary professional advice to the Executive Team ensuring the event is run as smoothly as possible. Advisory board members are not involved in the arbitration process and do not have decision making powers or influence a nomination or selection during the awards.

Committee Members

Mohammed Al Bsimi

Founder & CEO at

Wareef Al Omair

PR Manager at PlayStation KSA

Essam Al Ghamdi

Manager of gaming at NEOM

Fulwa Al Sulailem

Senior Officer (Video Games Department) at GCAM

Mohammed Habbab

Category Manager for Middle East and Africa at Microsoft


Nawaf Alnghmoosh

Communication manager at Ubisoft

Abdullaziz Alshehri

Esport player

Adel Almogran

Content creator and previously a streamer

Essam Alshahwan

Editor at, he is also a presenter at their podcast

Ali Alqaraawi

Ex-streamer and content creator, previously worked with Xbox and Saudi Gamer.

Awards Categories

Esports Male/female Player of the year

The award targets individual games on consoles and PCs

Esports Mobile player of the year

The award targets competitive mobile games

Esports rising player of the year

The award is given on performance base during the whole year

Esports team of the year

The award is presented to the best team in Esports for team oriented games, and is given to a one specific game.

Esports organization of the year

The award is presented to the best Esports club

Esports coach of the year

The award is presented to any coach in Esports, whether it is a coach for a single player or a coach for the whole team

Esports inspiration of the year

As our main aim is to spread inspiring stories in the gaming and Esports sectors, we present this award to the most inspiring story author.

Esports content creator of the year

The award is presented to content creators of the field of Esports throughout the past year. Written, visual, and audio content are included, as well as all types of social networks.

Esports Streamer of the year

This award is presented to the best live broadcast content creator in live broadcasting platforms via social media.

Esports caster of the year

The award is presented to the best commentator or analyst in Esports tournaments.

Esports moment of the year (best 3 videos)

The award is presented to the best moments during the sports season of the Saudi E-league, whether it is an exciting shot during a specific match or a celebration that won the admiration of the followers.

Creative piece of the year

The award is presented to the most outstanding creative advertisement made by any club or establishment during the current year; including players, content creators, and club sponsors.

Esports Photographer of the year

The award is presented to the best photographer specialized in covering Saudi Esports tournaments.


How can I nominate myself or my team for an award?

Any candidate can nominate themselves or their team via a form now available on the SEF Award homepage.

Do I have to be in an eSports organization to nominate myself or my team for awards?

The candidate is not required to be registered in any of the Esports clubs.

Do I have to be Saudi national to nominate myself?

Any citizen and resident in Saudi Arabia who wishes to apply for candidacy can apply for any of the SEF Award.

Do I have to be residing in Saudi Arabia to nominate my team or myself?

Yes, the nominated club must be licensed by the Saudi Esports Federation.

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